Thursday, June 26, 2008

Complaint against Dutch Website Sales

The Discrimination Internet Centre (Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet - MDI) has filed a complaint against the Dutch website ‘’ The website, affiliated with the worldwide extreme-right organization Blood & Honor, offers for sale – among other things – computer games which show how to ‘shoot as many Jews and blacks with big guns’ while bystanders, recognizable by swastikas, encourage the shooters. Also the sound of gas is heard. “I have not ever seen such a thing”, said Niels Van Tamelen, director of MDI. The site, which was opened this year, also offers for sale all kinds of neo-Nazi propaganda articles such as cd’s and T-shirts. Blood & Honour is against the law in a number of countries including Germany. A majority of Dutch parliamentarians also fear a ban, but it is unclear whether this is possible under Dutch law.

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