Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Minister Ignored Critical Report on Cruelty of Animal Transport

The daily Volkskrant claims that Gerda Verburg (Christian Democrat), Minister of Labor, Nature and Food Quality, has ignored a report on the cruelty of animal transports for over a year. The policy rules laid down by the minister in 2004 are not being carried out by the ministry. Am external consultant wrote that in particular the regulations for the transport of pigs and sheep are not respected by transporters. A spokesperson of the foundation Dier en Recht (Animal and Law) claimed that the veterinarian inspectors are under pressure to break the law. The spokesman also claimed that the efforts by inspectors who want to stop animal abuse are being obstructed by the ministry.


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harry said...

Wow this is interesting. Here in Australia the Federal Govt regularly ignores solid reports of animal cruelty for example in the export of live animals in favour of THAT industry!

The Australian govt tries to convince the world that we have good animal welfare laws etc.. but fact is the laws are weak and there is very little enforcement. In some states enforcement of law is performed by a charity who may easily be influenced by industry. In other states the Dept of Agriculture enforces the law- and most of the inspectors are pro farming and are not the least bit interested in welfare..that is if they understand the laws!

Australia is a cruel nation especially to sheep, pigs and chickens, cattle and kangaroos.