Sunday, December 14, 2008

Minister: Dutch Military Killed Dog in Afghanistan According to Regulations

Minister of Defense Eimert van Middelkoop (Christian Union), in answer to a query by Parliamentarian Marianne Thieme (Party for the Animals), has said that the dog Rattaplan was killed according to the rules by Dutch military in Afghanistan. Thus no disciplinary measures are necessary against the soldiers involved. The Dutch soldiers had adopted Rattaplan last year. They later gave him to an Afghan police station where the dog lost a lot of weight. The military concluded that, since the dog had not been cared for properly, he should be put to sleep. [Comment: while the fate of the dog has been investigated in detail after 60 years there has still not been an investigation into whether the Dutch military massacred most of the men “only” in the Indonesian town Rawagede or whether such murders occurred in tens of other villages as well.]

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