Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mice Flourish in Amsterdam Jail

Lawyer Gerald Roethof has told the AT5 T.V. station that the Amsterdam jail in Havenstraat is plagued by mice. Inmates there call it “The Mice Jail.” Some of them say that it is as dirty as jails were in the Middle Ages. The director of the jail denies that there is a plague, yet says that occasionally some mice walk around, which shouldn’t surprise anyone there. The Justice Department will make an effort to improve the situation.


John Galt said...

Not surprising in a country that not only supplies paraphernalia but the actual drugs to addicts, and even has a public park in its capital where they can hang out unmolested - just don't go there if you're not one of them; you won't remain unmolested.

etherwiz said...

Apparently the writers have never been to some of Americas jails. While this country has some decently clean jails most are horridly dirty and even dangerous because of communal showers and poor sanitation.