Monday, May 18, 2015

Parliamentary Inquiry into Major Failure of High-Speed Trains Starts

One of the greatest failures in the Netherlands over the past few years has been the development of the high-speed trains. In 2004, the Dutch railways, NS, together with the Belgian railways ordered 19 high-speed trains from the Italian company AnsaldoBreda.  The trains were intended to be put in use as of 2009, but only in December 2012 were the first trains actually in use. Shortly thereafter, the service stopped and afterward it was decided to return the trains to their manufacturer, because of technical problems. The high-speed train was meant to travel at speeds of 240km/hour.  A high-speed line between Amsterdam and Brussels is now planned, which will open in 2017 and will have trains which travel at the speed of 160 km/hour.

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