Sunday, April 6, 2014

Minister of Justice Allegedly Misled Parliament

Minister Opstelten of Justice has misinformed Parliament about a whitewash deal which his Deputy Fred Teeven closed with the major drug dealer, Cees H. This was said by Piet Doedens, who was then the lawyer of the drug dealer. Opstelten said in Parliament that 1.25 million Guilders were paid to the drug dealer. Doedens says that the amount was 5 million. Teeven was Prosecutor at the time. Cees H. was one of the leaders of the infamous Octopus Network, which inter alia shipped several tons of hashish from Pakistan. After he was condemned, the authorities tried to put their hands on his money obtained from crime. When this failed, an arrangement was made – the state received 750,000 Guilders. The criminal got back 5 million. Also, Jan-Hein Kuijpers, the current lawyer of Cees H., confirms this deal. Doedens says that Cees H. also received back several buildings, a yacht, exclusive cars and jewels after the deal with the authorities.

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