Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chief Rabbi Needs Constant Police Protection

Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs has declared in local paper, AD/Amersfoortse Courant, of August 8th, that he needs almost constant police protection.  He says that he can no longer take the train and is continuously insulted, nor can he go to the shopping center in his neighborhood because groups of youth harass him.  In the middle of July, three heavy stones were thrown through his windows. A few days later, another effort was made to throw three rocks through his windows.  Jacobs says that this has so far not been publicized.  The damage is still visible in his home.  He added that his home is secured with cameras. The rabbi said that various Jews from Utrecht have told them that they are afraid of the upcoming anti-Israeli demonstrations.  The municipality in Utrecht foresees no specific problems and will not provide additional police presence for the demonstration.

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