Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Complaints About Misbehavior in Officer’s Courses

After the daily Telegraaf published information about violence, racism, sexual assault and intimidation at the Dutch Defense Academy (NLDA), additional complaints have been brought forward. Jan Kleian, chairman of the military trade union (ACOM), said that while his original information to the newspaper was based on seven files, he has now received eight additional complaints all from women who have subsequently left the army. He added that there must be many more victims but they usually remain silent out of shame or to prevent problems. The paper also said that there is a confidential internal report about problems at the KIM in Den Helder, which offers courses to those who wish to become marine officers. Apparently it contains substantial negative information. Former General Hans Couzy recalls that the commission in 2006 had already concluded that there was much misbehavior in the military. Nowadays there is no money available to repair this and the general thinks that those in charge do not intervene frequently enough and simply look away.

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