Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Los Angeles Times: Dutch Destroyed Soccer World Cup Final

The Los Angeles Times heavily criticized the play of the Dutch team in the soccer world cup final. “Sunday’s World Cup final was supposed to be a display of the subtlety and grace of ‘beautiful football.’ Instead, the Dutch destroyed it, displaying all the subtlety and grace of a street fight by earning nine yellow cards and a red card, a record for a World Cup final”.,0,5221260,print.story

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naomi said...

It's true-it was not a beautiful match, so it was painful, but i think it's a gross oversimplification to say the Spaniards found beauty and we were streetfighters. I do think at some point Oranje lost it because of some unfairness from the referee--not that it justifies it, but it certainly explains it a bit. :-(