Thursday, June 17, 2010

Television Presenter Promotes Conspiracy Theory of Jewish Politicians

Harry Mens, a Dutch TV presenter and businessman, has developed a conspiracy theory purporting that Jewish politicians will control whichever government will rule the Netherlands. According to Mens, participants in the invented conspiracy are Liberal parliamentarian Uri Rosenthal – who has been charged by Queen Beatrix to investigate what government could be formed –Labor leader, Job Cohen, as well as his party fellow Lodewijk Asscher – the acting mayor of Amsterdam. They are conspiring to work for a coalition led by the Liberals and Labor. The Jewish community has condemned Mens and without explicitly saying so indicated that his conspiracy theory is an old anti-Semitic motif. [Comment: The claim is even more ironic as in the last decade Cohen has repeatedly stressed that his being born Jewish is utterly meaningless to him. To prove this he has bent over backwards to accommodate Muslim immigrants and often looked the other way when they committed criminal acts. Asscher has Jewish roots though he himself is not Jewish].,buitenland