Monday, April 26, 2010

Court Exonerates Holocaust Denial by Arab Organization

The Arab European League (AEL) and its Dutch representative, Abdoulmouthalibb Bouzerda, have been exonerated by the Utrecht court for having placed a holocaust denial cartoon on their web-site. The court concluded that the cartoon is hurtful for Jews and exemplifies bad taste. However as the AEL claims that it was published to show the double morality of the media, it is not punishable. The Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) has asked the prosecutor to appeal the judgment as the court decision means that if one claims to have been hurt by the behavior of somebody in the Netherlands, one can now go unpunished for attacking a third party unrelated to the original incident.,1

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Michael Hoffman said...

So it's okay to legalize anti-Muslim cartoons and make those cartoons a free speech issue and celebrate their creators, but we should ban revisionist cartoons of World War II because they hurt Zionist people's feelings?

The old Talmudic double standard!