Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Muslim Preacher: Dutch are lower than Animals

British Muslim Preacher Abu Abdullah Al-Britani spoke on Saturday at a conference of radical Muslims in Amsterdam. He called the Dutch people “lower than animals.” He added that the Netherlands are a dirty and filthy country which forces women into prostitution. Al-Britani called the parliamentarians Ahmed Marcouch (Labor) and Tofik Dibi (green Left) surrogate Muslims and idiots.


Elven said...

So why on earth do muslims want to go to the Netherlands in the first place? It makes no sense ... ;-)

I am pretty sure the great and kind Dutch people will be more than happy
to pay for one-way tickets back to Marocco and the other muslim holes to all those poor muslims, who feel this way, and who hate everything about the Netherlands and the Dutch.

test said...

muslims will say anything, do anything , become3 the greatest hypocrites and use any excuse at all to further the aims of arab imperialism.